o Jeans
o T-shirts
o Short Kamij (for girls)
o Cotton shirts
o Night clothes
o Formal suit & Ties
o Undergarments
o Socks – 5 to 10 pairs (cotton)
o Sweaters – at least 2/ more – full sleeved advisable
o One monkey cap and woolen gloves
o Hoodie.
o Handkerchiefs -1 dozen
o Belts
o Panjabi-payjamas / Shari (For different occasions)
o 1towel
o Shoes (1 pair keds, one pair formal shoe, etc.)
o Sandal (1 pair)
o Rain coat (it’s a must thing here in New Zealand but if you are very fashionable then you may

like to buy one from New Zealand)

Personal accessories:

  1. Wallet – here people don’t carry cash but bank cards. A small wallet which can be carried with you all the time will be good.
  2. Shaving kit & Blades.
  3. Brush & toothpaste.
  4. Safety pin bunch.
  5. Mini-sewing kit with some buttons.
  6. Bedsheets (2 with pillow cover)
  7. Comb
  8. Nail cutter
  9. Rubber band
  10. Scissors
  11. Calculator
  12. Medicines+ first aid kit
  13. Passport and stamp size photos
  14. Table clock/Alarm clock
  15. Keychain(atleast1)
  16. Converter (it’s a must thing as Bangladeshi charger pin will not fit any charging point here)

xviii. Laptop


If you rent a fully-furnished house then you don’t need to take anything with you. Still, if you have any favorite glass/plate/mug then bring it with you.

Food Items:

Indian shops are available where you can buy any type of spices. Still, you may like to carry some spices with you:

  • Spices, Tealeaves, Instant masalas, etc.
  • Different dals in small quantity for initial use
  • Elaichi, clove, cinnamon, kalojira, methi etc.
  • Get a couple of bags each of haldi, red chilly powder, Garam masala, Dhania, Pickle bottles. (Bring approx. 2-3 months supply of masalas). Stationary list: I always feel like the stationary supply is very costly here in Dunedin. Bring at least few pens, pencils, erasers, stapler, stapler pins, glue stick, pencil box, ruler, cello tape to save some gold coins. Bagging: ▪ Luggage ( 1 or 2, depending on your accessories) ▪ Backpack Packing:
  • Start your packing well in advance
  • Don’t forget to measure the weight of your luggage. [ Check your airlines luggage weight limit]
  • Put identification marks and labels on both the inside & outside the boxes) apart from this, the airlines will also provide you with adhesive labels) ~~~~~~~~~
    You may like to take all of your certificates/documents copy with you but the truth is you don’t need those certificates to start your Ph.D./ masters. Things to be kept in hand baggage:
  • Some medicines (including for air-sickness)
  • Sweater
  • All the certificates/documents (Originals)
  • Original important documents (Offer letter, visa, tickets.)
  • Enough money (little cash, traveller’s’ checks)
  • Copies of your photos (passport size)
  • Enlisted steps to be followed in case of emergency (accident, theft, etc.) Things to be kept in person:
  • Shorter extract of contact addresses – especially of people coming to pick you up.
  • Receipt got along with traveller’s’ checks – in case you lose the TC’s.
  • 1 handbag to carry in flight stuff with you Money to be taken with you: If you are scholarship awardee then you will receive your stipend in every third week of the months. But, it is advisable to carry at least $1000 with you. Important things to do before you leave:
  • Give power of attorney (authorization letters) to your father or brother or to someone on whom you rely
  • Put your signature on a 10 plane papers, write you name below it, keep these at home, they may need it for any purpose like authorization to collect marks sheets, Provisional certificate, Transfer certificate, Bonafide certificate, Degree certificate, Migration certificate from the university, applying for the refund from the college etc.
  • Make all bank accounts joint Things to be left at home:
  • List of addresses/phone numbers at which info about you can be obtained.
  • One copy of all your important documents.
  • A copy of all relevant parts of medical history files.
  • Arrange to collect/redirect mail from your room/hostel.
  • Arrange to apply/collect/mail your transcripts (about 20 in number preferable)
  • Your tailoring measurements.